Module 1:

Module one includes the following specified manoeuvres and generally takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, the Test area is 40m x 125m.

  • Wheeling the machine from one coned area to another and using the stand
  • Doing a slalom and figure of eight in full control of machine
  • Cornering, hazard avoidance and controlled stop
  • U-turn
  • A slow ride
  • The emergency stop
  • At all times you treat the test as if you on a Public Highway and carry out the necessary observations .

There is a minimum speed requirement of 50 kilometres per hour (approximately 32 miles per hour) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises. The Module 1 test is not hard at all, it only becomes hard when training is below standard or practiced on un-realistic training areas. Our Instructors have the patience and knowledge to get you through the test and will demonstrate each section of the test and put you at ease and in the right direction, the test is completed at Multi Purpose Test Centres.

Module 2

The Module 2 motorcycle test is an on-road riding assessment that takes approximately 40 mins. For this part you will be followed by an examiner in various real-life riding situations and judged on your ability to navigate the roads in a safe manner.

How The Module 2 Is Marked

During the test the examiner will have a score sheet which they will use to assess you during the test. On the score sheet there are 3 types of faults.

  • A serious fault
  • A dangerous fault
  • A rider fault

A serious fault is one that could be potentially dangerous, such as not performing a lifesaver while changing lanes. A dangerous fault would be one that causes a danger to yourself or to others, such as pulling out in front of traffic or ignoring a red traffic signal. A rider fault is one that is neither dangerous nor serious, but if habitual could amount to a serious fault regarding your riding.

During the Module 2 motorcycle test you will be allowed upto 10 rider faults. If you have more than 10 rider faults you will not have successfully passed the Module 2 motorcycle test. If you are marked for a single dangerous or serious fault this will also result in not passing the Module 2. If you have more than several rider faults in any one category then this may be marked as a serious fault and you will not have passed the module 2 motorcycle test.

Full Licence Options

A1. At age 17+: (you must be 17 or over to be able to take this category)

You take your test on a 125cc bike Manual or Automatic bike
Pass this and you can ride a 125cc bike, this then allows you to lose the L plates, be able to take a passenger, go onto the motorway and never have to repeat a CBT

You now have to wait for 2 years or until you reach 19 years of age when you can take training and the next stage of test (A2)

A.2 At age 19+: (you must be 19 or over to be able to take this category)

You take your test on a 500cc Motorcycle
Pass this and you can ride a bike up to 46.6 bhp. You can restrict any motorcycle to this power as long as the original manufacturer’s declared output was less than twice the power of the test restriction. Now wait a minimum of 2 years to qualify for the next test, or reach the right age bracket. You can now choose to stay on your restricted bike or take training and test in the next stage of test: Catrgory A

A. At 24:

You take your test on a 600cc Motorcycle
Pass this test and you can ride any bike, any size, any power.