Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand everything about taking your bike test, if you can’t find an answer here please call us and someone will be happy to help.

No, you can automatically go up to a 125cc on or after your 17th Birthday.

You can also ride a Manual bike at 17 too and Not have to come back for training, although we would highly advise you come in to learn how to ride a Manual bike properly.

CBT Courses

At present yes you can, whatever you take your CBT on you can still ride both bikes on the road, although we would advise some Manual training if you have never ridden a Manual bike.  This is due to change but not at present.

No, you should try and revalidate your CBT close to the date of expiry, you can then use your own bike, after this date you would need to ride a school bike, and this should only have expired a few days ago, otherwise, you will have to complete the full day again.

No, we supply you with the bike of your choice, Manual or Automatic.

One bike per person per course, you damage it to the point it cannot be ridden, you will need to return to complete the CBT.

No, it is your responsibility to show to the instructor you have a good basic knowledge of the UK highway code, if you do not and you are then not safe for yourself and other road users you will need to return for more training

DAS Courses

You can, but any instructor would advise you to get a CBT and get some time on a 125cc Manual bike before you return for your DAS

Even if you do not intend on buying a 125cc Manual bike you could hire one for a weekend or week, to get used to being on the road on a bike, this all makes the next stage a little easier.

Anyone over 24 you may as well take the full A licence, if you take the A2 and in the future, you wish to ride a bike over 500cc you will have to return and take both the tests again on a 600cc, the training courses are the same as are the tests and the fact there is only 100cc between the A2 and the A you may as well go for the A and then you never have to retake tests again.

What is a CBT? It is a one day training course, which will allow you to ride up to a 125cc, with L plates, No passenger, No motorways Valid for 2 years.
You are required to have a valid UK provisional/driving licence to complete a CBT
You DO NOT require a theory test to complete a CBT
Once booked in we supply you with bike, helmet, jacket and gloves for the day
A CBT starts at 8.15am and finishes around 3-4pm
A CBT is not a test or exam, what the instructor is looking for is that you can control the bike in a safe manner for yourself and other road users on the off road site for you to be able to complete the road ride section.
If you pass the certificate are handed out on the day
Should you require more training due to more control required of the bike to be safe yourself and other road users your day will finish on the off road site and you will be required to re-book for some more training. There will be NO refund if you do not make the road ride
If you are 16 years old, you are restricted to a 50cc Automatic untill you are 17 years old and then you can ride a Manual or Automatic bike.

To find out more why not give us a call or click here to see our page all about the CBT

There are 3 categories to the A licence, all the training is the same, the tests are the same it comes down to the size of engine you ride or age related.

This licence is for those of you who are on a 125cc and wish not to go bigger, this licence allows you to lose the restrictions of your CBT. Therefore you Can take a passenger, Can go on the motorways, do Not require L plates and you never have to retake a CBT again. BUT you cannot ride anything bigger.

This licence for those of you between 19-23years old, this category was brought in so you are restricted to any motorcycle not exceeding 35kw. You are required to hold this licence for two years and then you can take your A licence. If you reach 24years of age before the two years you can then take your A licence.

This licence you must be 24 years old or over. You are required to take your two tests on a 600cc machine, when you have passed you are then entitled to ride what you like.

The Tests
There are two tests Mod 1, slow control off road test which you MUST pass before you can take the second test Mod 2 a 40-50minute road ride test.
Both test are arranged by us for you, you are tested by a DVSA examiner
To be able to take the A licence you will require a valid CBT certificate and a valid motorcycle theory test certificate.
Theory tests are booked by you with the DVSA and need to go and sit the test at a center This costs £23
The A licences are usually sold as a package with training days, test days and bike hire included.

Taster Session
A one hour lesson on our off-road site, teaching you the basics of the machine, if you are nervous or unsure this maybe a good way for you to decide if this is for you, to give the confidence before you take a CBT course.

Experience CBT
If you CBT is about to expire then you are required to renew your CBT. This is a shortened CBT course to re-validate your CBT.

One to One
For anyone wishing to improve their riding or if you have some questions about your riding or wishing to improve elements of your riding this is your time with an instructor to go through what you want.

We use a range of bikes of different sizes suitable for all learners. All our bikes are in the highest mechanical order and we pride ourselves on the safety and well being of our learners, something we take very seriously. Click here to see our full range of bikes that we use.